Seva Sadan College of Arts, Science & Commerce

Affiliated to the University of Mumbai and recognised under section 2 (f) of the UGC Act 1956

8th International Multidisciplinary Conference (Hybrid Mode) will be held on 8th February, 2025
Best Practises

Best Practises 2018-19


Organized "Gandhian Education Tour" at Ahmedabad 3rd & 4th January, 2019.


Organized "live telecast budget- Govt of India" 1st February, 2019.



Organized "live telecast Pariksha Pe Charcha- by PM, Govt of India" 29th January, 2019.



Organized three days live business 24th to 26th January, 2019 "Sale & Exhibition" in college campus.



Organized "Industrial Tour" at Nashik 12th January, 2019.