Seva Sadan College of Arts, Science & Commerce

Affiliated to the University of Mumbai and recognised under section 2 (f) of the UGC Act 1956

8th International Multidisciplinary Conference (Hybrid Mode) will be held on 8th February, 2025


Late Shri Parsram Parumal Dabrai (Founder)

History of Seva Sadan

After partition of Indian in 1947 Late Shri Parsram Parumal Dabrai migrated from Sindh, Pakistan to India & settled at Wadala in Mumbai where he lived along with his 3 sons. He was a merchant of sugar & had sugar factories located in U.P. and was called 'Sugar King'.

He believed in simple living & high thinking and was a philanthropist in true sense and to carry out the charitable activities he founded 'Seva Sadan Trust' which was established for upliftment of drown trodden people & especially Sindhis who settled in India in various rehabitation camps as refugees. Keeping in view the future of ladies who were illiterate he opened Ladies Tailoring Classes popularly called 'Nari Shala' and he started the same on the ground floor of his own building named 'Parvati Niwas' at Wadala Mumbai where thousands of ladies attended these classes and made their living & future bright. These classes were opened to all communities irrespective of caste, colour & creed and it was a free training in tailoring & subsequently the ladies were awarded certificates in 'Government Tailoring Diploma' & it became the source of their livelihood. Its primary objective was to assist the ladies economically and thereby support their families. He distributed the sewing machines free of charge to economically backward ladies.

Late Shri Parsram Parumal had an ambition to provide education to refugees who migrated from Sindh, Pakistan to India. Though he himself was educated only upto primary level but had the vision to provide education at higher level and to achieve this objective he started 'New Era High School' in 1950. Shri Mengraj Mansharamani was its first H.M & Classes were run in military barracks & wooden cabins. He realized the importance of pucca building for the school & accordingly he purchased the plot from G.O.I. where now New Era High School is built and its foundation stone was laid by General J. K. Bhosle who was Rehabilitation Minister at the centre and building was completed in 1957 & school became full fledged recognized school and the first batch of S.S.C. students appeared in March 1958 and Shri Jagatrai Reejsinghani became the first Head Master of newly built school.

New Era High School was the first building in Ulhasnagar that had the RCC structure & the rooms were quite high & had cross ventilation. This was the only school in Ulhasnagar which had Drama Hall of its own and fully equipped with sound system. The Drama Hall was the only one in entire Ulhasnagar and was used for variety of purposes i.e. social gathering, cultural activities & as a marriage hall and it is a matter of record that it was so popular that its booking was done 6-8 months in advance & the people of Ulhasnagar were crazy for this hall and it was due to Baba's indomitable will and dedication.

It was said commonly that late Baba Parsram Parumal was 'wedded' to school i.e. he had so much love and attachment with this school. It was his vision and foresight that today it is one of the most reputed & sought after schools in Ulhasnagar and Thane District.

Late Babaji used to come every Sunday with Tiffin and stayed in school on every Sunday & looked after its construction & progress. It is a matter of record that his love for school & students was unmatched for inspite of two tragedies i.e. death of his youngest son Shri Rajendra Kumar and demise of his wife he used to come regularly in school and hardly missed any Sunday to have first hand information about various matters pertaining to school.

People in those days were financially very poor & inspite of meager monthly fee of Rs 3 to 9 for Std V to X they could not afford to pay the same and he helped them financially by payment of their fees and thereby encouraged the parents to educate their children’s so that they can be responsible & good citizens of tomorrow.

During mid 60's Babaji realized that there was not a single college in Ulhasnagar & specially for girl students & to seek admission in colleges one had to travel from Ulhasnagar to Bandra & Churchgate and this was very much inconvenient for girl students and to solve this he opened the first Girls College in Ulhasnagar & it was housed on 2nd Floor of New Era High School. This college made progress in all directions & subsequently a fully fledged college upto post college level was opened on the play ground of New Era High School and was known as New Era College & then Ulhasnagar College of Arts/Commerce and finally it is now called Ramchan Kimatram Talreja college of A/S/C (R.K.T. College) and contributions towards education growth was his own & subsequently to make it financially sound the donation was offered by Seth Jhamnadas Talreja cousin brother of Shri Ramchand Talreja. Shri Jhamnadas Talreja was business associate of Late Baba Parsram Parumal & accordingly college is known as Ramchand Kimatram Talreja College (R.K.T. College) which has an effective strength of 10,000 students.

Late Baba Parsram Parumal realized the importance of training the teachers to be appointed in various schools & colleges and to achieve this objective he started Seva Sadan’s College of Education, Near Central Hospital, Ulhasnagar – 3, where thousands of teachers have been trained in D Ed, to Ph.D. Degree in Education. Late Baba Parsram Parumal firmly believed in selfless service and had no passion for building self image & accordingly he requested his family members and friends not to name any institute in his memory as a memorial but it was after lot of persuasion from the teaching staff of New Era High School that the school was re-named as Seth Parsram Parumal New Era High School & Junior College.

The Mangement owns a chain of important educational institutions from schools to institutions of higher education. The Managing Body is composed of eminent professionals and public men who want to promote education as a service to society, without expecting any returns. This is reflected in the open organizational climate of the college, wherein, no major disputes, grievances, court case etc. are made in the past several years. The peaceful and congenial atmosphere of the college encourages students and teachers to enhance the quality of administrative and academic work of the college.


Details of Management Members


Name of Member Position
Shri. Sanjay Dabrai President & Trustee
Shri. Mohanlal Israni Vice-President & Trustee
Shri. Bansilal Wadhwa Trustee
Shri. Vijay Panjabi Trustee
Shri. Kamlesh Talreja Member & Secretary
Shri. Avinash Rajpal Member & Jt Secretary
Shri. Puran Chhugani Member
Mrs. Neena Sadarangani Member
Shri. Deepak Israni Member
Shri. Rohit Dabrai Member
Shri. Satish Panjabi Member
Mrs. Kanchan Talreja Member
Shri. Karan Dabrai Member
Shri. Ashwin Rajpal Member
Shri. Atish Chhabria. Member
Shri. Amit Menda Member
Shri. Ajay Samat Member
Dr. Ram Rajpal Member

Educational Institutions run by the Management

1. Seva Sadan’s College of Education, Ulhasnagar.

2. Seva Sadan College of Art’s , Science and Commerce, Ulhasnagar.

3. R.K.T. College of Art’s, Science & Commerece, Ulhasnagar.

4. New Era English Primary School, Ulhasnagar.

5. New Era Sindhi Primary School, Ulhasnagar.

6. Seth. Parsram Parumal New Era High School & Jr. College, Ulhasnagar.

7. Seva Sadan Institute of Fashion Designing, Ulhasnagar.